Indiana State Plan for Independent Living Public Feedback

Final Indiana State Plan for Independent Living Plan released.

INSILC recognizes the value and importance of public input from its community members. For that reason, and in compliance with federal regulation and state statute, INSILC establishes this page to serve as it’s means to collect Public Feedback and inform the Council about substantial Independent Living and Disability-Related issues impacting individuals with disabilities in Indiana.

We thank all of the community and Independent Living Network members for their time and feedback and time for creating this document.

Next Steps!

Remaining timeline and deadlines for the activities of the FY 2025-2027 SPIL Committee, including posting final revision, collection of feedback, approval and signatures, and the final step of submission to the American Community for Living (ACL) administration, 


06/20/2024 – Vote of approval by INSILC Council

06/21/2024 – Distribution for Signatures by the CIL Directors & DSE

06/30/2024:  SPIL submission to American Community for Living (ACL) administration


*** Ongoing Committee meetings TBD for continued work & implementation of the State Plan for Independent Living.

Will be seeking Community Members to be a part of the ongoing SPIL Committee to continue the work in implementation, evaluation, and reporting of SPIL activities.