Individuals with significant disabilities should have the same civil rights, choices, options, and control over choices in their own lives as do individuals without disabilities.

INSILC Council Membership Opportunities #BeTheVoice

Hoosiers in the Disability, Deaf, Blind, Aging, Mental Health, Intellectual / Developmental Disability, Neurodiverse, etc. communities — Are you interested in putting your leadership skills and lived experience into action?

Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council (INSILC) is seeking strong leaders with various disabilities, particularly from marginalized communities, who believe in disability justice and are interested in learning more about opportunities to serve on its Council.
INSILC is a statewide disability advocacy nonprofit organization – directed, led and operated by Hoosier leaders with disabilities. These leaders consist of, but are not limited to, our peers with physical / mobility disabilities, intellectual / developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities, conditions of aging and our peers who are Deaf, Blind, Neurodiverse, etc. INSILC is driven by the Independent Living Philosophy, which emphasizes that as people with disabilities, we have crucial and valuable perspective to contribute to society and should have the same meaningful opportunities, choices, freedoms and liberties as individuals without disabilities.
The Council operates as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and federally-required state entity that is mandated to be independent and autonomous from the state and the Indiana Centers for Independent Living. Council Members are appointed by the Governor for three-year terms. Candidates selected for appointment to INSILC by the Governor must have significant knowledge and understanding of the independent philosophy, a dedication to disability justice and a commitment to prioritize what is in the best of the Council and its Hoosier peers with disabilities. INSILC recognizes that the Indiana Disability, Deaf, Blind, Aging, Mental Health, Intellectual / Developmental Disability, Neurodiverse, etc. communities all intersect with other marginalized communities and the vital importance of centering their voices and experiences. As such, empowering our peers from these communities with varying and intersecting layers of lived experience and marginalization is critical to the work of our organization. While many new members with disabilities with these intersecting marginalized identities have been appointed to INSILC within the last few years, the Council is still missing many other marginalized voices. Therefore, INSILC continues to prioritize and push for future Governor appointments to include these missing peer voices.
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Our Purpose

INSILC is established by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and is directed by the Independent Living philosophy.

Section 701 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 promotes a philosophy of independent living, including a philosophy of consumer control, peer support, self-help, self-determination, equal access, and individual and system advocacy, in order to maximize the leadership, empowerment, independence, and productivity of individuals with disabilities, and the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of American society.

The INSILC Vision, Mission, and Values are driven by this purpose.

Our Vision

Lead an effective statewide independent living movement resulting in people with disabilities living without barriers, fully integrated in society.

Our Mission

To empower our peers with disabilities to lead and control their own lives.

Our Values

INSILC is committed to a culture that consists of the following core values:

  • Independence
  • Equality
  • Integration
  • Choice
  • Freedom
  • Control
  • Integrity

Our Duties & Authorities


  • Develop the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) in conjunction with the Directors of the Indiana Centers for Independent Living
  • Review, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the SPIL
  • Meet regularly and ensure such meetings are accessible and open to the public
  • Submit periodic Independent Living reports to the Administrator of the federal Administration on Community Living (ACL)
  • Coordinate independent living activities with other state entities and organizations that provide services similar to or complimentary to independent living services

INSILC AUTHORITIES (As described in the approved Indiana SPIL 2017-2019)

  • Work with Centers for Independent Living to coordinate services with public and private entities to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities
  • Conduct resource development activities to support the activities described in the approved SPIL and/or provision of independent living services by Centers for Independent Living
  • Perform other such functions that promote a philosophy of Independent Living and promote the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the mainstream of American society and furthers the purpose of the Rehabilitation Act, as the Council determines to be appropriate

Archived INSILC Meetings

Archived Meetings

To access and view archived INSILC (formerly ICOIL) meetings, please click on the following link: