Individuals with significant disabilities should have the same civil rights, choices, options, and control over choices in their own lives as do individuals without disabilities.

OPEN INSILC POSITIONS - Project & Policy Initiatives Coordinator

Job Title: Project & Policy Initiatives Coordinator

Position: FT Exempt (Average 40 hours a week)

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Wage/Salary: $35,000+; Commensurate with experience

Benefits: Generous PTO; Health (includes optional dental/vision); Retirement; Life; Travel & Phone Reimbursement; Flexible Work Schedule and Remote Working Capabilities


Job Summary – INSILC Project & Policy Initiatives Coordinator

The INSILC Project & Policy Initiatives Coordinator, under the direction of the INSILC Executive Director, shall be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, tracking and evaluating deliverables for INSILC initiatives related to projects and policy efforts that align with INSILC Strategic Plan Goals/Objectives, support the implementation of the State Plan on Independent Living and drive the INSILC Mission. This coordination shall also consist of administrative-related support for the team of INSILC Directors and the Council. These responsibilities shall consist of corresponding with stakeholders, maintaining/filing INSILC-related records, drafting/editing accurate meeting minutes/information and printing/organizing documents and materials required by the team of INSILC Directors. Additional duties may also include purchasing and maintaining supplies and equipment, marketing, program outreach, fund development, resource database management, social media postings and web site updates/maintenance.

 Education, Knowledge & Experience Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Knowledge of disability laws and the Independent Living regulations.
  • Knowledge of the federal and state legislative processes and state government administration.
  • Experience in project development, project management/organization and project evaluation.
  • Experience in public speaking in front of small and large audiences.
  • Experience with statistics and quantitative data analysis, outputs and outcomes measurement, report writing and oral presentations in the field of disability, policy, public administration, etc.
  • Possess a high degree of integrity, ethics, and respect for others and the organization.
  • Graphic design of flyers, email marketing announcements, email alerts, etc., a plus.
  • AV/IT, Social Media and Website maintenance experience, a plus.
  • Personal and/or professional experience with disability, a plus.

Skill Requirements:

  • Competency in computer hardware operation and software, such as, Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Outlook) and/or Google docs, Other.
  • Strong strategic-focused analytical skills.
  • Strong attention to detail, accuracy and follow-through is a MUST!
  • Ability to collaborate well with others in a team situation or environment.
  • Exceptional time management and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to handle moderate to intense levels of stress.
  • Ability to be flexible and, at times, work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to generate and distribute accurate INSILC-related correspondence, memoranda and other materials, as requested.
  • Ability to draft routine correspondence without reminders.
  • Ability to handle a complex workload and complete assignments/projects/tasks by deadline.
  • Demonstrate resourcefulness and strong initiative skills.
  • Ability to work remotely and/or independently, when necessary.
  • Superb communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to maintain consistent professional composure while exercising good judgement and sound decision-making skills.
  • Dedication and commitment to civil rights, disability rights, disability justice and the Independent Living philosophy and movement.
  • Ability to represent INSILC in a professional manner at all times.
  • Ability to travel in-town and out-of-town, as needed – accommodations may be provided.

 Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Project/Policy Coordination

  • Define scope of work for project and policy efforts in collaboration with the team of INSILC Directors.
  • Create detailed work plans for INSILC project and policy initiatives which identify outputs/activities, timelines, and anticipated outcome measures.
  • Determine necessary resources (funding, supplies, staff/volunteers, time, etc.) required to successfully complete project and policy efforts.
  • Develop a schedule/calendar for the completion of INSILC project and policy initiatives that efficiently andeffectively allocates necessary resources for these efforts.
  • Execute/Implement the project and policy initiatives according to plan, monitoring these and making adjustments, as necessary.
  • Draft/Edit reports (monthly, quarterly, annually) for the INSILC Executive Director, as requested.
  • Develop research design, inclusive of methodology, and tools for capturing relevant IL data and analyzes data for activities that support the INSILC Strategic Plan Goals/Objectives and SPIL implementation.
  • Review data and provide overall quality assurance for project and policy initiatives.
  • Create presentations and reports on the results of data analysis for identified audiences.
  • Ensure project and policy deliverables are completed on time, within budget and meet or exceed an exceptional level of quality.
  • Research, craft and design content for various INSILC presentations, trainings, and educational/informational outreach materials.
  • Coordinate announcements, printing, and distribution of INSILC educational/informational materials.
  • Develop, update and maintain the INSILC community mailing lists and database adhering to the INSILC policy of confidentiality with respect to the privacy of each individual, entity or group.
  • Create/Design email outreach campaigns and alerts through traditional, email marketing and social media platforms.
  • Establish and cultivate relationships with individuals with disabilities, grassroots disability-led advocacy groups, and other marginalized community groups/coalitions/etc. to advance the mission of INSILC and the goals/objectives of the INSILC Strategic Plan.
  • Plan/Organize and conduct public hearings, disability listening sessions/events, trainings, outreach meetings/events, focus groups and other INSILC-related summits, conferences or events.
  • Represent INSILC before the Indiana State Legislature by providing educational/informational testimony, responding to legislative inquiries and conducting educational/informational outreach campaigns.
  • Draft and coordinate public comment and/or responses to legislative and federal/state agency inquiries and opportunities.
  • Plan and conduct legislative policy writing workshops and proxy bank campaigns for people with disabilities and their allies.
  • Track/Analyze and report on new and trending disability rights, disability justice/social justice issues representing a multiply-marginalized disability experience and voice.
  • Serve as a liaison between INSILC and legislative, governmental, state/local agencies and community partners, as appropriate.
  • Participate in INSILC community relations and outreach activities/events, as required.
  • Assume other administrative responsibilities as assigned by the INSILC Executive Director.


  • Respond to general phone and inquiries.
  • Direct phone and inquiries to the appropriate INSILC staff and make referrals to the appropriate CILs, as needed.
  • Support the team of INSILC Directors and INSILC Office through purchase of supplies, mail related functions and deliveries, errands, and coordination of office management activities.
  • Maintain equipment and supplies inventory.
  • Schedule/coordinate meetings and teleconferences and draft/provide accurate meeting minutes or notes, as requested.
  • Assist with mailings, e-mailings and dissemination of materials to INSILC members, the general public and other entities as instructed by the INSILC Executive Director.
  • Assist with coordinating internal trainings/presentations, as needed.
  • Prepare accurate correspondence, memoranda and other business materials and documents, as requested by the INSILC Executive Director.
  • Arrange travel and hotel accommodations for INSILC Staff and Council Members, as requested.
  • Maintain a positive working relationships with INSILC Members and its vendors, referral sources, consumers, stakeholders, and members of the public.
  • Assume other administrative responsibilities as assigned by the INSILC Executive Director.


The INSILC Project & Policy Initiatives Coordinator reports directly to the INSILC Executive Director.

Persons with disabilities strongly encouraged to apply.


Please send resume and cover letter to the INSILC Executive Director, Amber O’Haver:

Via Email –

Via Mail – INSILC   P.O. Box 801   Danville, IN 46122


Position is open until filled.

#BeTheVoice of Independent Living in Indiana - Apply to serve on the Council TODAY!

How To Apply for INSILC Membership

If interested, please review the Membership Invitation Letter and complete and submit to the INSILC Executive Director the INSILC Membership Application Form and Background Information Form.

These forms are provided as follows:

For Questions: please contact the INSILC Executive Director, Amber O’Haver.

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The Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council (INSILC) is a nonprofit organization and a governor-appointed council, independent and autonomous from the state. It is led and directed by a majority of individuals with disabilities and believes people with disabilities should have the same civil rights, choices, options, and control over their lives as do people without disabilities. The mission of INSILC is to empower its peers with disabilities to lead and control their own lives, however, the organization does NOT provide services directly to people with disabilities. This is the job of the Indiana Centers for Independent Living. The role of INSILC is to provide oversight of the Indiana State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) and assist with the SPIL’s implementation and the coordination of services with public and private entities to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities. In addition, INSILC works hard to promote and raise awareness of the Independent Living philosophy throughout the state, conducts outreach to educate and inform individuals and entities about issues impacting Hoosiers with disabilities, and seek input from its peers with disabilities in communities across the state which drives the INSILC public policy platform directing its systems advocacy efforts and work. INSILC’s ultimate goal is to use its platform to advocate for meaningful change within the disability community and provide opportunities to empower its peers with disabilities to #BeTheVoice and lead and control their own lives.

INSILC Members are appointed by the Governor. These individuals govern and provide oversight for INSILC. INSILC provides appointment recommendations of individuals whom have been vetted by the INSILC Membership Nomination Committee to the Governor. These individuals are then considered for appointment to INSILC by the Governor. Official determination of appointment to serve on INSILC is at the sole discretion of the Governor.

Members of the Council shall be appointed by the Governor for three year terms.

Our Purpose

INSILC is established by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and is directed by the Independent Living philosophy.

Section 701 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 promotes a philosophy of independent living, including a philosophy of consumer control, peer support, self-help, self-determination, equal access, and individual and system advocacy, in order to maximize the leadership, empowerment, independence, and productivity of individuals with disabilities, and the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of American society.

INSILC’s Vision, Mission, and Values are driven by this purpose.

Our Vision

Lead an effective statewide independent living movement resulting in people with disabilities living without barriers, fully integrated in society.

Our Mission

To empower our peers with disabilities to lead and control their own lives.

Our Values

INSILC is committed to a culture that consists of the following core values:

  • Independence
  • Equality
  • Integration
  • Choice
  • Freedom
  • Control
  • Integrity

Our Duties & Authorities


  • Develop the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) in conjunction with the Directors of the Indiana Centers for Independent Living
  • Review, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the SPIL
  • Meet regularly and ensure such meetings are accessible and open to the public
  • Submit periodic Independent Living reports to the Administrator of the federal Administration on Community Living (ACL)
  • Coordinate independent living activities with other state entities and organizations that provide services similar to or complimentary to independent living services

INSILC AUTHORITIES (As described in the approved Indiana SPIL 2017-2019)

  • Work with Centers for Independent Living to coordinate services with public and private entities to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities
  • Conduct resource development activities to support the activities described in the approved SPIL and/or provision of independent living services by Centers for Independent Living
  • Perform other such functions that promote a philosophy of Independent Living and promote the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the mainstream of American society and furthers the purpose of the Rehabilitation Act, as the Council determines to be appropriate

Attending an INSILC Meeting

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council (INSILC). Meetings are currently scheduled for 2019.

Meeting Livestream

If you wish to view the meetings of Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council (INSILC), please log onto the following web address on the date and time of the meeting:

Archived Live Meetings

To access and view archived INSILC (formerly ICOIL) meetings, please click on the following link: